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Fortune Management provides an unparalleled combination of training and coaching for your team. Over the course of our 30 month management course, your entire team will attend five, two-day workshops led by the most skilled facilitators in the country. During these workshops, your team will receive training in all areas vital to running a smart, successful business.

Session One - Foundations of Practice Mastery

Vision icon

Vision Workshop

Team Agreements icon

Create Team Agreements

Practice Goals icon

Setting Practice Goals

Elements of Life icon

The Elements of Life Mastery

Power of Purpose icon

The Power of Purpose

Team Huddle icon

Team Huddles and Checklists

Goals and Strategies icon

Production/Collections goals and strategies

Reactivation icon

Recare & Reactivation

Session Two - Communication & Relationship Mastery

Master Communicator icon

Becoming a Master Communicator

Emotions icon

Understanding Emotions

Quality Request icon

Reality Check/Quality Request/Quality Response

Reality Bridge icon

Reality Bridge

Monitor Results icon

Monitor Results/Bonus System/BAM

Correction Format icon

Correction Format

Human Capital icon

Maximization of Human Capital

Chart Audits icon

Successful Chart Audits and Scripting

Session Three - Marketing & Enrollment Mastery

Branding icon


Social Media icon

Social Media/Internet

Marketing icon

External & Internal Marketing

Meta Programs icon

Modalities, Metaprograms, and More

Roleplay icon

New Patient Interview/Role Play

New Patient icon

New Patient Experience

Enrollment Steps icon

Five Steps to Enrollment

Objections icon

Handling Objections

Session Four - The Roadmap to Practice Mastery

Proactivity icon

The Power of Proactivity

Team Discovery icon

Team Discovery Process Workshop

Finances icon

Financial Discussion—Income/Expense Reports

Target Board icon

Target Board & Time Economics

Goals icon

Scheduling to Goal Efficiency

Advanced Care icon

Advanced Recare & Reactivation

Sourcing icon

Sourcing & Accountability

Leadership icon

Advanced Leadership & Coaching Skills

Session Five - Wealth Mastery

Money icon

Money and Belief Systems

Financial Freedom icon

Master Secrets of Financial Freedom

Financial Mastery icon

Creating Financial Mastery

Investing icon

Investing and the Power of Compounding

Intelligence icon

Business Intelligence

Phases of Practice icon

Mastering the Phases of Your Practice

Consistent Results icon

Creating Consistent Results

Goal Setting icon

Financial Goal Setting

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