Creating Multi-Generational Wealth

Being our best for our clients is asking intelligent questions and listening carefully, to recognize goals and understand aspirations. Then we can develop both the direction and the means to help you achieve the life you want and keep it that way forever. Our best also means utilizing the relationships we have built throughout the business and professional community to provide unique approaches when unique problems come to light. And because the impact of our work typically spans decades and even generations, our best must be a comprehensive and continuous commitment to your business success and your family security.
For nearly two decades Fortune Management & Sequoia Private Client Group has used three words to guide our relationships with clients. The words extend to your family offices, law firms, accounting firms, and the other advisory experts who serve you.
  • First is creativity — the knowledge and insight to make cutting edge purposeful.
  • Next is direction — a clear path for your journey to prosperity and meaning.
  • Last comes companionship — your assurance we will be there every step.
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