HR for Health

Fortune Management understands how overwhelming Human Resources can be in a small business such as a private practice. From payroll and human resource management to benefits and compensation, doctors and owners can spend up to 40 percent of their precious day engaged in these necessary but time-sucking tasks.

We strongly believe in providing our clients with sustainable solutions that create a win-win solution for all involved. In this case, Human Resources need to be managed in a way that benefits the ownership as well as the employees. HR for Health provides practices with all the resources of a HR department without the headaches or overhead.

Strategic Pathway to Compliance

  • Customized employment manuals
  • State specific documents
  • Compliance time clock
  • Personalized job descriptions

Accelerate Employee Performance

  • Task Management and Reporting
  • Growth and Development Plans
  • Performance Reviews
  • Policy Violation Template and Documents

Talent Management Metrics

  • Time, Attendance and Absence Requests Metrics
  • Performance Targets
  • Automated benefit tracking
  • Prevention of overinflated payroll
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