Any treatment plan starts with a comprehensive diagnosis. Fortune takes the same approach by using our Practice Analysis and Opportunity Assessment. Done by a Fortune Management Executive Coach, it provides you answers to the following:
Fortune Management Coach working with dental practice
  • What are your actual office overhead percentages, from payroll to supplies, to rents and leases and all other costs?...and are they in a healthy range?
  • Are your fees in line to support your growth?
  • Is your hygiene department working to its full potential?
  • Are your marketing dollars effectively spent and attracting the type of new patients you want?
  • Is your case presentation effective and are your patients accepting the treatment they need?
  • Which business systems can be revised, updated or streamlined to get the results you want?
Learn what can be improved, and in what order, and discover what opportunities exist to elevate your practice to the next level.
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